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Traditional Braces

Traditional (Metal) Braces are the most common braces and have transformed millions of smiles across the world. They are stainless steel brackets placed on each tooth in a specific place that allows the wires to move your teeth into the perfect position! You can also decorate your braces with colors for your favorite sports team, holiday, or occasion. 

Ask Dr. Kauffman about gold braces too!

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Clear Braces

Don’t like the traditional metal-mouth look? We have an option for you! Clear braces can get you the smile you deserve and are almost invisible (especially in pictures). Clear braces are a great aesthetic option, and the colors can either blend into the braces for the most discreet look or you can pick a bright color to see your personality pop!

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Clear Aligners

Have you heard of Invisalign®? Clear aligners are another aesthetic option to get the smile of your dreams without braces. We use plastic trays (called aligners) to make small, sequential movements of your teeth, allowing them to be placed in a perfect line. Each aligner is custom-made for you in a specific order designed by Dr. Kauffman.

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Early Treatment

“When do I need to see an orthodontist?” is a question you may have. We would love to see you any time you have a question or concern about your child’s teeth. We recommend stopping by for a free consultation around age 7. Most of the time, we don’t recommend treatment this early, but as specialists in growth and development, we like to see what is happening as baby teeth are being lost and permanent teeth come in to reduce the risk of complications in the future. Dr. Kauffman recommends early treatment only when needed to make orthodontic treatment more efficient when the permanent teeth come in.

Ask Dr. Kauffman about braces shaped like hearts, footballs, or even Mickey Mouse!

Adolescent Treatment

We love teenagers in braces! Once most or all permanent teeth have come in, we can begin making a transformation that will last a lifetime. Whether it is braces or aligners, technology allows us to get you the smile of your dreams faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably than ever before. Our goal is to produce a stable, healthy bite and alignment of your teeth so you can smile from ear to ear with pride for the rest of your life.

Adult Treatment

It is never too late for the smile of your dreams at Kauffman Orthodontics. Whether you have had braces growing up or have always wanted straighter teeth and a healthier bite, we are here for you. We have many aesthetic options for adults, including clear braces, clear aligners, and even braces behind your teeth that no one can see. We can’t wait to meet you!


Did you have braces as a kid? Do you still have your retainer? Dr. Kauffman believes retainers and life after braces are the most rewarding and most important part of orthodontic treatment. At Kauffman Orthodontics, we will design your smile to be the most stable, beautiful, and long-lasting for you, but we need some help from you. Whether it is a clear retainer, wire (Hawley) retainer, or bonded (permanent) retainer, we will prescribe the most ideal retention protocol for you to keep you smiling for decades! 

If you lose or break your retainer, please come see us ASAP before your teeth move!